DAT-Report 2021 Marktforschung Automobilindustrie

Chapter 1: Status quo

Attitudes to the car, to buying and owning

DAT-Report 2021 Marktforschung Automobilindustrie

The first chapter in the new DAT Report presents the results of a survey on the overarching issues of the 2021 auto year, including the fundamental importance of the automobile for car owners in Germany.

In this context, the emotional attachment to the automobile was also surveyed for the first time. Car owners were asked to assign themselves to one of two groups: Group 1) “For me, a car is not just a means of transport. I sometimes think of it almost as a hobby or family member. I love my car and it gives me independence. I like being able to afford a car or maybe even a somewhat better car than others.” or Group 2) “For me, a car is merely a ‘means to an end’, i.e., purely a means of transportation that is supposed to get me from A to B reliably and safely. I have a car because I need it, not because I am emotionally attached to it. The relationship with my car could be characterized as similar to the relationship I have with my vacuum cleaner.”

DAT-Report 2021 Marktforschung Automobilindustrie

As a new feature, Chapter 1 provides insights about how strongly people are emotionally attached to their automobiles. Coupled with the question as to whether the vehicle is indispensable for people’s daily mobility needs, this chapter provides an important basis for understanding the car market in Germany.

Martin Endlein
Head of Corporate Communications

Also included in the first chapter are the reasons for car purchases, with a distinction made between new and used car buyers, as well as an overview of the effect that COVID-19 has had on car buyers and owners in the second year of the pandemic.

The chapter is supplemented with detailed information on annual mileage, attitudes toward car subscriptions and car sharing, and, for the first time, the use of e-bikes or pedelecs. Finally, this chapter of the DAT Report provides insights from car buyers on driver assistance systems and autonomous driving.

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Topics include the continued high importance of the automobile, the end consumer’s perception of electromobility, and the general conditions surrounding the complex car purchase process in 2021.


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