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3. Car purchase

The chapter on car buying is the most comprehensive chapter in the DAT Report. In addition to a brief market overview of the year 2020, it brings together all aspects of vehicle purchasing – subdivided into used car buyers and private new car buyers.

There are interesting brief insights into the sale of the previous car (after all, for 84% of used and 92% of new car buyers, the sale of an existing vehicle was on the agenda), the relationship of car buyers to their car brand (who is brand-loyal and to what extent) and an analysis of how they felt about the car purchase.

In the following sections, the sources of information, and the role of the Internet and the test drive during the customer journey are analyzed in more detail for both used and new car buyers.

With regard to the used car buyer, for example, the following can be observed: The information phase was characterized by more intensive research than usual. 89% of all used car buyers used at least one online source, 99% at least one offline source. What is striking here is that print media have gained in importance, and dealer websites have become significantly more important among online sources.


In addition, a highly topical issue is substantiated with valid figures: Can car buyers imagine completing the whole purchase process, financing, and the concluding of the sales contract entirely online? The 2021 DAT Report provides answers to this question.

From the end consumer’s point of view, a look is then taken at the dealer/seller and how their performance was assessed by car buyers.

Further key components of the car-buying process are the purchase prices, their development, and an overview of prices by different subgroups. With regard to new car buyers, the high average price stands out: at EUR 36,340, the average new car price reached a new all-time high. All car buyers were asked not about the new list prices, but about the prices actually paid at the dealership. Any incentive premiums were also taken into account.

PKW-KAUF Autokauf

In summary, it is very striking how the investment behavior of car buyers specifically in 2020, the year of COVID-19, has adapted or changed and what role the financing of the vehicles played in each case.

Further details on this topic can be found in the current 2021 DAT Report

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Chapter 4
Servicing and repairs

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