Three facts about the automotive industry as an employer

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In the current 2021 DAT Report, Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH has analyzed the topic of the “automotive industry as an employer” in greater depth. Here, the opinion of used and new car buyers was determined.

Overview of the results: 

  1. Automotive industry important employer in Germany:Around 441,000 people are currently employed in the motor trade, including almost 93,000 trainees. The automotive industry (manufacturers and suppliers) employs over 830,000 people. 
  2. Training in the automotive sector remains desirable:The 2021 DAT Report has addressed this topic for the first time and queried the following scenario: “The automotive sector (industry, trade, auto repair shops) is firmly anchored in Germany. Electrification, digitalization, but also crises like the diesel scandal or COVID-19 have a strong impact on companies and mobility behavior. If you think about young people who still have vocational training ahead of them: Do you find a place of training or a profession in the automotive industry to be (still) desirable?”. 69% of new car buyers and 71% of used car buyers confirmed this. In addition, in the age group eligible for training (under 22), 72% found such training in the automotive industry desirable. 
  3. Jobs in the automotive industry desirable:72% of new car buyers and 74% of used car buyers see a job in the automotive industry as still desirable. The analysis by sex shows an even higher level of agreement, as the figures for male car buyers were 75% (for new car buyers) and 79% (for used car buyers).
DAT-Report 2021
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