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3. Special Topic alternative drive systems

The special chapter on alternative drive systems examines this cutting-edge topic from different angles. First, it shows whether alternative drive systems have played a role in new and used car purchases and which of the different drive systems were considered.

It is both interesting and striking to see how knowledge of the individual drive types has developed and how many car buyers have really engaged with them intensively.

In the meantime, the level of knowledge among new car buyers demonstrates intensive engagement. In the case of purely battery-powered vehicles, more than half stated that they had “engaged with it intensively” or “heard/read a lot about it.” If one then looks at the actual figures from the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), the 2021 DAT Report shows that of all 2.9 million new registrations, only 6.7% were fully battery-powered vehicles, meaning that relatively few buyers have yet purchased such a vehicle (94,752 fully electric cars were purchased by private new car buyers).

Alternative Antriebsarten

In addition to the reasons why many new and used car buyers have not purchased an electric vehicle, they were also asked about their general assessment of these vehicles (topics included suitability for everyday use, environmental friendliness during use and production, etc.).

Finally, the car buyers had to describe the charging situation and the parking facilities for their own vehicle at their place of residence. This shows where there is still potential and why it is not possible for many car buyers to charge at home (keyword “street parkers”).

Further details on this topic can be found in the current 2021 DAT Report

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