Reparatur und Wartung

4. Servicing and repairs

The auto servicing and repairs chapter of the DAT Report first presents the repair and maintenance activities of car owners in Germany. The topics here are the frequency and type of repair and maintenance work and where it is carried out. The analysis by vehicle age is interesting, as there is a noticeable shift in the market share of independent and brand-affiliated auto repair shops. 

The presentation of costs also shows the investments made in this area in 2020, the year of COVID-19. In this year in particular, roadworthiness was very important to car owners. Specifically, this can be seen in their maintenance behavior, which shows a significant increase compared with previous years. Whereas in 2019 an average of 0.88 maintenance jobs were carried out per car, in 2020 the figure was 1.05.

Reparatur und Wartung

A separate section on accident repairs and claims settlement shows from the end consumer’s point of view how accident damage was dealt with (repaired or not repaired; how high the sum was; whether the damage was paid for by the insurance company, etc.). The still-topical issue of recording damage via smartphone is considered, as is the freedom to choose an auto repair shop.

Another section presents the relationship of the car owner to their vehicle and to their auto repair shop. Here, aspects such as value retention and care, communication behavior with the repair shop and, above all, high shop loyalty are analyzed. In this context, the different communication channels with the repair shop are analyzed in detail for the first time and the vehicle’s shop visits resulting from the communication are also presented.

Finally, the report looks at why someone specifically chose a particular auto repair shop and whether they would be willing to book repair shop work online.

Further details on this topic can be found in the current 2021 DAT Report

Reparatur und Wartung

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