Corona Automobilbranche

1. Corona

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been felt throughout the entire 2020 car year and have influenced purchasing decisions as well as auto repair shop behavior. The “Corona chapter” therefore deals separately with the use of the car and other means of transport in 2020, also drawing comparisons with the time before COVID-19.

For the first time, this shows what percentage of car owners, for example, used their own cars, bicycles, or public transport more frequently, the same amount, less, or not at all.

In addition, it shows how the annual mileage changed at the time of the first lockdown in the spring, then in the fall and overall for the year as a whole. There are striking differences depending on the type of car and the place of residence.

In the case of journeys made with the driver’s own vehicle, it was also possible to show which journeys were most likely to be avoided.

Corona Automobilbranche

Completely new and never before analyzed in this form was travel behavior regarding summer vacations in 2020. Car owners and new car buyers were asked about their vacation in summer 2020 and how this had been in the previous year. The graph shows that air travel as a mode of transport has declined very significantly: In 2020, only 5% of car owners and 16% of new car buyers used it to travel on their summer vacation. By contrast, significantly more respondents stayed at home (51% of car owners and 39% of new car buyers confirmed that they had not gone away at all, but had spent the summer of 2020 at their place of residence).

In each case, this was around twice as many as in the previous year. When it came to using their own cars, on the other hand, there was a clear difference between car owners and new car buyers. While car owners saw a slight decline in the use of their vehicles compared with 2019, new car buyers were significantly more likely to use their vehicle, newly purchased in 2020, to travel on summer vacation.

Further details on this topic can be found in the current 2021 DAT Report

Corona Automobilbranche

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